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PVC Strip Curtains


The CRW (UK) team has been designing and supplying PVC Strip Curtains and Doors to a wide range of industries for +20 years to customers in the UK and Canada. As such, we are experts in this space. CRW's range has been carefully designed by our team based on real customer feedback and application knowledge built over the years.

The product range consists of PVC (commonly referred to as vinyl, or simply plastic) strips (pre-cut and rolls), stainless steel clamps (also known as command hooks), and a stainless steel rail mounted over the door / passage way. We provide these in kits, as well as individually (pre-assembled if desired). 

Our products are proudly Designed, Assembled and Quality Controlled in the UK - to ensure they only receive the highest standard.

Key features

Our products are suitable for normal as well as higher strength, robustness and temperature control / retention applications than the average products on the market. For example, our PVC is refrigeration grade (rated to -40C), and rails/clamps are high grade stainless steel. Our range also provides excellent sound isolation, wind resistance, and material barrier to keep out dust and insects.

Most of all, our product designed has put high priority on convenience. They have high ease of installation - with our simple hooking system, its even easier that installing curtains at home! Also, with their premium robustness, they will not shift or bend once installed - so your operations are never impacted. 


Commercial applications range from man door ways to wider entry / passage ways, up to large garage door sizes, and are deployed in warehouses, workshops, grocery stores, large restaurants, hotels, food processing facilities, hospitals and pharmacies, manufacturing and factories.

Our particular product range really shines in chiller, cold room and freezer applications, as it is specifically designed with the higher material and build quality requirements in mind.

Consumer applications include pet doors for our furriest of friends! For example, these can include cat and doggie screens and doors for outdoor kennels and houses, or to be installed in openings in your home patio or screen doors. The PVC strips are highly customisable for your exact scenario.

We are confident our PVC Strip Curtains and Doors will deliver high satisfaction, regardless of your application.

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