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Builders Bags

FIBC Builders Bags at CRW (UK) Ltd

CRW (UK) Ltd  is now the UK representative for a large-scale manufacturer of heavy-duty FIBC bags.

Our standard, one tonne bags are designed & certified to 1000kg. These strong containers are perfect for transporting bulk products.

We can supply to order FIBC bulk bags for a wide range of products – from simple builders sacks, aggregate bags, half tonne and one ton sacks for sand, rubble, compost or any other industrial, construction, or agricultural use.

We supply FIBC industrial containers commonly known as one tonne, bulk bags, big bag or super sacks. These flexible sacks are designed for storing and transporting products like sand, fertiliser, compost, bark chips, stone, aggregates, topsoil, etc.

We supply, to specification, a wide range in various sizes and shapes. These bags could be unbranded or printed with a company’s logo or brand.


These heavy-duty bags are most commonly used. We therefore keep unbranded bags in stock for immediate delivery. Our extra large FIBC sack,made from heavy- duty, uncoated polypropylene fabric, with 4 x 30cm standard lifting loops. The sack measures 85cm x 85cm x 85cm.

• Our bags are designed to manage 1000kgs.
• BS EN ISO 9002 quality certification.
• Easily Recyclable.

Please contact us for a quotation at 0208 998 0033 or  email us at

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